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The Performance Nutrition Membership includes: - Develop mutually agreed personalised nutrition SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) targets
- Receive practical food-first recommendations regarding pre, inter and post-exercise fuelling/refuelling - Advice and guidance on consuming a nutrient-rich diet to support health and exercise goals - Be held accountable for actions and decision-making related to your dietary practices - Guidance on safe supplement use - Access to brand new Performance Nutrition platform: SENPRO - Support in developing, reviewing and amending performance nutrition protocols e.g. executing supplement protocols and reviewing their impact - Unlimited recommendations of fun, exciting & nutrient-rich recipes - Advice on training and exercise (if applicable) - Management of personal progress trackers (updated weekly) - Personalised nutrition support for sports injury management - WhatsApp contact: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday mornings and evenings 0700-0800 and 1800-1900 - Weekly 15 minute check-in via Zoom, FaceTime, or audio call

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By joining a nutritionist’s membership plan please be aware that you will be sharing some personal information with that nutritionist. For more information please view our privacy policy.


Performance Nutritionist


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