Paul Johnson

Performance Nutritionist (MSc, CISSN, SENr)

England, United Kingdom,


Endurance sports Weight Management Muscle building


In Person


I work professionally in lifestyle coaching for a public health team focusing on cardiac rehab, exercise prescription for heart failure, COPD, chronic pain and exercise & nutrition for adult weight management.

In addition to this I provide performance coaching to a wide range of athletes ranging from elite indoor rowers who have achieved podium finishes in national championships, top 5 world wide finishes in the world rowing international 1km sprints, British records across multiple events right through to everyday athletes that are in training for charity events or challenges (Rowing 25 marathons in 25 days / 100k races and 24 hours British record attempts).

LREG Fitness and Nutrition's keen area of focus is maximizing performance in Power Endurance sports (ie indoor rowing / Erg Competitions and adaptation to Concurrent training . Other areas of specialty include helping clients of all back grounds build long lasting nutritional practices and lifestyle management skills.

Athletic Achievements

3 British indoor rowing Records (500m / 1000m / 1 minute max distance)

Two consecutive , top 5 worldwide finishes in the world rowing virtual 1km sprints


£350.00 / One off for 8 Weeks
£175.00 / Monthly


British Association of Cardio-Pulmonary rehab (BACPR)Certification
Jan 2013 - Current
Advantaged application in Cardiac rehab
British Association of Cardio-Pulmonary rehab (BACPR)Certification
Dec 2017 - Current
Nutrition for the management of cardiovascular disease and cardiac rehab
Leeds Metropolitan universityEducation
Sep 2002 - Jul 2005
BSc Sports and Exercise science
Precision NutritionCertification
Nov 2020 - Current
International Society of Sports NutritionCertification
Dec 2020 - Current
Chester UniversityEducation
Sep 2008 - Nov 2009
MSc Exercise & Nutrition Science
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