Jonathan Dick

Health & Human Performance Coach


Physique Weight Loss Muscle building Weight Management Strongman / Powerlifting


In Person


Through self-awareness and self-reflection, my aim as a coach is to help my clients identify the root causes of any obstacle to achieve optimal health, performance and general wellbeing. In establishing those root causes, we create an opportunity for self-exploration - our lifestyle, our habits & behaviours, our priorities, our triggers, and so on.

With this knowledge in hand, we can capitalise on our strengths to help us overcome those areas with which we struggle. By aligning all of our systems - morning/evening routines, work:life boundaries, training:recovery balance, etc - we can begin to mould our environment as we desire, and live life on our terms.



Precision NutritionCertification
Apr 2019 - Current
Level 2 Master Coach
Precision NutritionCertification
Jan 2017 - Current
Level 1 Nutrition Coach
Nov 2020 - Current
Diploma in Performance Nutrition
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