Jana Sterling Hammond

Accredited Sports Nutritionist

ACT, Australia,





In Person


My name is Jana and I am an Accredited Sports Nutritionist who is passionate about helping others and sharing knowledge; developing a balanced and well-rounded approach to health and wellbeing; and staying current with research and development in optimal nutrition for performance.

I utilise applied evidence-based principals to provide effective strategies and interventions that support individuals to reach their goals. I focus on long term success, equipping clients with the knowledge and skills they need to develop new habits and maintain results.

I believe all good things start with a solid foundation. I work with individuals to develop new habits, overcome obstacles, learn about the food they are eating and give you the tools and knowledge to make optimal choices around food and lifestyle. I support clients using a personalised approach, conducting thorough consultations which guide you through the process of optimal nutrition for your individual goals. The focus is on long term lifestyle changes utilising individualised meal plans that give you energy to go about your daily activities, exercise or meet the demands of your specific training needs.

I teach you how to take control of your nutrition and build knowledge and understanding by breaking it down into manageable steps to allow you time to form new habits and have a thorough understanding of how food and movement can contribute to a successful and enjoyable way of living. The long-term outcome is to equip clients with the skills and knowledge to make optimal nutrition and lifestyle choices and maintain results for life.


Jul 2019 - Current
ISSN SNS ProfCertified
Stages of Change LTDEducation
Jul 2020 - Current
Certificate in Behavioural Change and Motivational Interviewing Training
Sports Nutrition AustraliaEducation
Jul 2019 - Current
Certification in Applied Sports Nutrition
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