Guy Guppy

SENr (Grad) Performance Nutritionist

England, United Kingdom,


Endurance sports Weight making sports Public speaking Nutrition presentations Ultra endurance Team sports


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Guy Guppy, is a SENr (Grad) registered performance nutritionist, he has a number of years experience in preparing team sport and endurance athletes for competition, alongside preparation of occupational groups for specific roles. Alongside this he is a lecturer of Sport and Exercise Physiology and Performance Nutrition.

He has been working in the field of sport and exercise performance since the mid 2000's. During this time he gained a vast array of experience working with athletes in sports such as, field hockey, football, ultra distance running and endurance cycling. Alongside his experience of working with athletes he has also worked with a number of occupational groups, such as military personnel preparing for tours of duty and those aspiring to join the services.


£249.99 / Monthly
£89.99 / One off
£129.99 / Monthly
By enquiry only
By enquiry only


British Dietetic AssociationLicense
Oct 2020 - Sep 2021
Sport and Exercise Nutrition Graduate Registrant
Institute of Performance NutritionEducation
Aug 2019 - Aug 2020
Diploma in Performance Nutrition
University of PortsmouthEducation
Oct 2009 - Jul 2012
BSc Sport and Exercise Science
University of PortsmouthEducation
Oct 2012 - Sep 2013
MSc Sports Performance
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