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Focused Nutrition is a 1:1 nutrition based company. This is what we do best. We work with clients on an individual basis to help them achieve their goals. We help them find ways and strategies to help them succeed. There are NO fads, there are no gimmicks, there is no restriction, there is just reality of the steps it takes to help get towards those goals.

We not only look at nutrition, we also look at lifestyle and how that affects the decisions and choices made around food and consumption. What are stress levels like? How many hours are you sleeping? How much water are you consuming? How many servings of vegetables do you have per day?

All of these things attribute to lifestyle and help with improving wellbeing, they may seem small, but they certainly make a big difference.

We want to help everyone achieve their goals, however big or small, whether the goals are health related or performance driven, nutrition is usually the last aspect of life people look at when in fact it is the most important.


£50.00 / One off for 4 Weeks
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